Translation and the Language of Tourism
Córdoba (Spain), 6-7 October 2022

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Deadline for proposals: September, 10th 2022.

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In the last few years, tourism has become a fundamental element for global socio-economic development. As a matter of fact, the last decades have been extremely positive for tourism, as travelers from all over the world have demanded new destinations and travel opportunities. As a result, the possibilities for tourism have become extremely rich and diverse. In fact, tourism nowadays is very different from the 18th Century’s European Grand Tour, which was understood as an educational and initiatory journey.

Consequently, at the end of the 20th century and beginning of the 21st, traditional tourism has been complemented by new modalities, which have flourished in order to satisfy new demands, such as adventure tourism, wine tourism, oleotourism, monumental tourism, gastronomic tourism or health tourism, to name but a few examples. These branches of tourism, which provide a more dynamic and sustainable vision of tourism, offer a greater de-seasonalisation of the sector and broaden the range of potential tourists, contributing to its scope.

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Thematic lines

All proposals will be peer-reviewed and contributions in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish are accepted.

I. Traductology and the speech of tourism

Translation and interpretation related to tourism: translating culturemes, the translator and interpreter as an interlinguistic and intercultural mediator.

II. Linguistic approaches and the speech of tourism

Linguistics, Semantics, Pragmatics & Lexicology applied to the speeches and texts of tourism.

III. Languages, specialized texts and the speech of tourism

Terminology, Terminography, Textology, Specialized texts, and hybrid texts in toruism-related contexts.

iv. Literature and the speech of tourism

Translation and reception of travel literature, traveling and tourism in literature, among others.

V. Teaching and the speech of tourism

Language for Specific Purposes teaching, translation and interpretation teaching related to tourism.

Thematic panels

I. Tourism and alternative tourism discourse

Linguistic and extra-linguistic studies, including the translation of specialized texts, related to adventure tourism, as well as other types of alternative tourism, such as nature tourism, ecotourism or agrotourism.

II. Tourist translation and wine tourism

Translation and mediation of touristic texts aimed at promoting wine tourism. Translation, culturemia and wine routes. Appellative and poetic functions in wine tourism promotion and their translation.

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